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21st webinar recording

Part 21

Title: 'Micro-electron diffraction applications in the investigation of amorphous phases prepared by mechanochemistry and the structural analysis of metal-organic frameworks'

Speaker: Dr. Silvina Pagola (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA)

About the webinar

3D electron diffraction (3D ED) analysis of amorphous phases prepared by mechanochemistry and the structural analysis of metal-organic frameworks

As part of her study Silvina discussed a novel use of ED to screen for poorly crystalline seeds of the salt that will grow from the bulk amorphous, leading to rapid crystallization once the powders are exposed to vapors of solvents, such as hexane, N,N-dimethylformamide, and acetonitrile, but very slow recrystallization if they are kept in close containers only exposed to air.

3D ED (ED, MicroED) is particularly useful to study mixed phases of single nanocrystals. Silvina collaborated with ELDICO Scientific to obtain the results that are shown in this webinar

These results are very valuable for the full characterization of formulated amorphous pharmaceuticals, for the investigation of their stability under long-term storage.

The results shown in the presentation are due to be published soon in collaboration with ELDICO Scientific


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