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The ELDICO ED-1 device that is dedicated solely to electron diffraction

Its disruptive horizontal design and innovative sample-handling mechanism

Various solutions for analyses on samples that have so far been considered prohibitive



ELDICO Scientific AG (The Electron Diffraction Company) is a Swiss technology and service company founded in 2019 and based in the Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), a world-leading research institute for natural sciences and engineering. ELDICO develops, manufactures and commercializes electron diffractometers , i.e. novel analytical instruments for electron based crystallography, enabling to investigate nano-crystalline samples. ELDICO has launched the first instrument specifically designed for nano-crystallographic investigations, the ELDICO ED-1. ELDICO’s clients are industrial and academic researchers in large and fast growing industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, the electromobility, and the advanced materials / MOF sector. The company partners with leading engineering companies and component suppliers among Dectris and Excillum to deliver superior performance.